To help people who are suffering from fire or other forms of emergencies. We will respond to their calls and offer competent, compassionate and professional service.

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 Bobcat UV34 - Doors w/ Glass, Horn, Rear Glass, Roof, Windshield/w WW Wiper, Rear View Mirror

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Our basic mission is to preserve life and property through effective fire prevention, fire suppression and other emergency service.

We recognize that our volunteer members are our most valuable resource and are committed to their safety.

We view the people of our community as customers who deserve our concern, care and attention.

We are committed to cost efficient resource management in the delivery of our services.

We recognize that our personal conduct is inseparable from the professional reputation of our Department.

We believe that high quality service is dependent on encouraging personal growth and advancement of our members.

We support an organizational climate of mutual trust and respect.

We believe in open communication and partnerships with neighboring fire departments and communities.

We are committed to contributing to the advancement and professionalism of the fire and emergency services.


  • 1870

    On June 16, 1870, the Village of Stamford board of trustees formalized the plan for the formation of the Stamford Fire Department. It was to consist of the Fort Stanwix Fire Engine Company with 45 members. A used hand operated pumper was purchased from Fort Stanwix Fire Department.

  • 1871

    The Fort Stanwix Fire Engine Company was disbanded and in its place the Stamford Fire Engine Company No. 1 was organized.

  • 1877

    A building for housing the engine was constructed at a cost of $500.

  • 1883

    The village board authorized the formation of Stamford Hose Company No. 1.

  • 1885

    A hose cart (drawn by horses) was purchased.

  • 1889

    The I.H. Maynard Hose Company No. 2 was formed and became part of the fire department.

  • 1896

    The S.E. Churchill Hook & Ladder Company was formed. It was incorporated and is now the only existing company of the Stamford Fire Department.

  • 1896

    A hook and ladder truck (hand drawn) was purchased for the cost of $490.00.

  • 1897

    Fire department dress uniforms consisted of blue suits with gold trim for the chiefs. New uniforms for the Hook & Ladder members were white coats, blue trousers, gold braid and nickel helmets with plume.

  • 1898

    Stamford Hose Company No. 1 disbanded.

  • 1903

    The first Fireman’s Supper and Ball. Oneonta Orchestra played during supper.

  • 1905

    Fire department companies adopted a resolution to open the meeting room on Wednesday and Saturday nights for social activities.

  • 1913

    The department acquired a lifesaving net.

  • 1920

    A La France pumper with a 750 gallon per minute (gpm) pump was purchased for $12,000.00.

  • 1924

    The department purchased and installed a village fire alarm system consisting of an air whistle and several alarm boxes located throughout the village.

  • 1928

    A motorized hook and ladder truck was purchased at a cost of $6000.00. The funds for purchase were raised by firemen.

  • 1929

    A 1000gpm pump was installed on the La France pumper.

  • 1930

    Stamford firemen sponsored the project of constructing Indian Trail Lake in Indian Trail Park at a cost of $5,000.00

  • 1937

    The Stamford Rural Fire District was formed. It was comprised of portions of five towns surrounding the village; Jefferson, Gilboa, Harpersfield, Kortright and Stamford. The purpose of the Rural District is to provide fire and other emergency services to citizens within the geographic area of the District. The Stamford Rural Fire District contracted with the village to have the Stamford Fire Department provide personnel and equipment for use within the District

  • 1938

    A La France equipped Chevrolet 500 gpm pumper with 200-gallon water tank was purchased by the Rural Fire District. The Stamford Fire Department will house and use the truck. A 1938 American La France 600 gpm pumper with a 100-gallon water tank was purchased by the village at a cost of $7000.00.

  • 1956

    A 1956 Dodge pumper equipped with a 750 gpm pump was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 1965

    The Stamford Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary was organized.

  • 1967

    A used 850-gallon capacity tank truck was purchased by the Rural District to carry water to fire scenes.

  • 1969

    A Chevrolet pumper with a 1000 gpm pump was purchased by the village.

  • 1972

    A Chevrolet utility van (converted to an ambulance) was acquired by the Department.

  • 1972

    A dedicated rescue squad was formed. Squad members took first aid courses and responded to emergency medical calls in the village and the rural fire district.

  • 1975

    A 1968 GMC 2500-gallon tanker was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 1976

    a 1976 GMC 1000gpm pumper was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 1982

    A 1960 Ford chassis rescue truck was purchased by the Fire Department from the Bainbridge Fire Department at a cost of $7126.00.

  • 1982

    The R.A. Robinson Rescue Company was established by the department. The Stamford village board formally approved of the new company on January 27, 1982. Fire department members primarily interested in emergency medical response transferred from the I.H. Maynard Hose Company and S.E. Churchill Hook and Ladder Company to the new rescue company.

  • 1983

    A GMC chassis FMC 4WD pumper with 750 gpm pump was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 1986

    A Chevrolet chassis heavy duty rescue vehicle equipped with a 15 KW on-board generator was purchased by the Stamford Fire Department. It was used vehicle.

  • 1986

    Stamford village voters rejected for a second time a referendum to spend money on the purchase of a used aerial ladder truck. Stamford firefighters located used apparatus which they felt was necessary to provide adequate service to the village.

  • 1987

    The firehouse located at the intersection of Main St. and Churchill Av. was demolished and a new building to house the fire department was constructed on the same site. The Robinson Broadhurst Foundation provided funding for the project.

  • 1988

    A new 1988 International chassis was purchased by the Rural Fire District. The 2500-gallon tank mounted on the 1968 tanker was remounted on the new chassis.

  • 1989

    A 1948 American LaFrance 100-foot aerial ladder truck was purchased by the Stamford Fire Department for the price of $1.00. The aerial ladder and other equipment were refurbished.

  • 1991

    The Stamford Hospital closed requiring patients to be transported to Oneonta, Delhi or other hospitals, a considerable distance from Stamford.

  • 1991

    The fire department’s two advanced life support ambulances became equipped with telemetry systems that provided for direct ambulance to hospital communication.

  • 1992

    The RA Robinson Rescue Squad and the IH Maynard Hose Company were disbanded. This left a single entity, the SE Churchill Hook and Ladder Company Inc., as the only organized company comprising the Stamford Fire Department.

  • 1992

    An International 1993 model heavy duty chassis was purchased. The SWAB rescue body unit was removed from the 1968 Chevrolet vehicle, refurbished and supplied with a new electric generator and mounted on the new chassis. Funding for the project was provided by the Robinson Broadhurst Foundation, O’Connor foundation, Murphy Foundation, Village of Stamford and the Stamford Rural Fire District.

  • 1995

    A Wheeled Coach Type 3 ambulance with a Ford E350 chassis was purchased by the Village of Stamford for use by the fire department.

  • 1998

    A Spartan/Smeal pumper equipped with a 75-foot aerial ladder was purchased by the Rural Fire District for use by the fire department.

  • 2001

    A Freightliner/S&S 1250 gpm pumper was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 2005

    A HME/EVI Heavy Rescue vehicle equipped with generator, air filling station and external lighting was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 2007

    A IHC/Crimson 1550 gpm pumper equipped with a compressed air foam system was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 2009

    A ChevroletC4500/Osage Type 3 ALS equipped ambulance was purchased by the Village of Stamford.

  • 2013

    A Ford F350 4X4 utility pick-up truck was purchased by the Rural Fire District.

  • 2014

    On March 25 fire completely destroyed the venerable Rexmere Hotel. Stamford firefighters on the scene in mid morning could do nothing to stop the blaze. By the afternoon only the brick chimney was left standing. Close to 300 responders from 26 departments were on the scene. It was the largest fire in modern Stamford history.

  • 2016

    The 1998 Smeal pumper with aerial ladder was returned to the manufacturing plant in Nebraska for complete refurbishing and updating.

  • 2017

    The Stamford Rural Fire District was disbanded and the Stamford Joint Fire District was formed. The new district is made up of the same geographic area. However, with the new district administration, the Village of Stamford board of trustees no longer is the jurisdiction having authority over the Stamford Fire Department. The new district board of commissioners assumed that role.

  • 2017

    The refurbished Smeal pumper and aerial ladder was placed back in service after almost a year of rehabilitation work in Nebraska.

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